Adopt a Jaguar



Fun fact: Jaguars are known to be excellent swimmers!


The Jaguar, commonly mistaken for the Leopard, is the largest cat of the Americas and is recognisable by its spotted coat! Did you know that you can tell a Jaguar from a Leopard by checking the spots? A Jaguar has black dots within their spots (their spots have spots!) and Leopards do not.


Unfortunately, despite their popularity, this species of big cat is classified as Near Threatened on the endangered list, meaning that if we don’t do all that we can now to help, the Jaguar may be at risk in the near future.


What better way to mark a special occasion than by adopting a Jaguar for a friend or a loved one. The perfect gift for those who adore these loveable animals. Adopt today.


For as little as £49 for a full year you can help Hertfordshire Zoo to play an active role in conserving animals from around the world. Every day another species of animal or plant will disappear from our planet forever!


All Adoptees will receive a presentation pack including:


  • Personalised adoption certificate
  • Photograph of chosen animal species
  • Keyring and pen
  • Photo magnet
  • Soft toy of your chosen animal species
  • Your name will be added to the adoption board of honour until your Adoption expiry date. (please note this can take up to 4 weeks from the start date)

Delivery Notes: This may take slightly longer than usual, we do advise to order your Adoption Pack a few weeks prior to your Start Date to avoid disappointment. UK shipping only.



Who will be adopting?

Please fill in the name of the person you would like to appear on your certificate and on the adoption board outside their habitat.

When would you like your adoption to commence?

The adoption date must start within one month of purchase and lasts one year.

How would you like to receive your adoption?

By post
(£4.89 postage fee applies)

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